Can I Put Goldfish And Guppies Together?

Can I Put Goldfish And Guppies Together? (Explained)

If you’re thinking about starting a fish tank, you may be wondering if different types of fish can live together.

While some fish are territorial and need to be kept alone, others do just fine with company. So, can goldfish and guppies be kept together? Let find that out together.

Lets dive in.

Can I Put Goldfish And Guppies Together?

If you’re wondering whether you can put goldfish and guppies together, the answer is maybe. It depends on a few factors, including the size of your tank and the personality of your fish.

Goldfish are cold water fish, while guppies are tropical fish.

That means they have different temperature preferences. Goldfish do best in water that’s around 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit, while guppies prefer water that’s a bit warmer, around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you do decide to put goldfish and guppies together, be sure to monitor them closely.

Some goldfish can be aggressive eaters and may try to eat the smaller guppies. Guppies are also known for being jumpers, so make sure your tank has a lid to prevent them from leaping out.

The Difference Between Goldfish And Guppies

Goldfish and Guppies are two popular types of freshwater fish. They are both easy to care for and make great pets. But there are some differences between these two types of fish.

For one, goldfish are much larger than guppies. A goldfish can grow to be over a foot long, while a guppy is only about 2-3 inches long. Goldfish also have a lifespan of 10-20 years, while guppies only live for 3-5 years.

Another difference is that goldfish are coldwater fish and do best in water that is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Guppies, on the other hand, are tropical fish and need water that is at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, goldfish are omnivores and will eat just about anything.

Why You Might Want To Keep Them Together

If you have a dog and a cat, you might be wondering if you should keep them together or keep them separate. There are some benefits to keeping them together.

One benefit of keeping your dog and cat together is that they can help keep each other calm. If your dog is anxious, having a calm cat around can help him relax.

And if your cat is feeling stressed, having an playful dog around can help her feel better.

Another benefit of keeping them together is that it can help reduce their boredom. Dogs and cats who are left alone often get bored and may start to misbehave.

But if they’re kept together, they’ll have each other to play with and keep each other entertained.

Lastly, keeping your dog and cat together can create a stronger bond between them. They’ll learn to rely on each other and will become best friends.

Reasons Not To Keep Goldfish And Guppies Together

Reasons Not To Keep Goldfish And Guppies Together

1. Goldfish and guppies have different care requirements. Goldfish need cooler water and a more spacious tank, while guppies prefer warmer water and a smaller tank.

2. Goldfish are known to be messy eaters, which can pollute the water for the more delicate guppies.

3. Guppies are also known to be nippy, and their fins can easily be shredded by goldfish.

4.Goldfish can also outcompete guppies for food, leading to malnutrition in the smaller fish.

5. In short, goldfish and guppies are simply not compatible tank mates!

How To Care For Goldfish And Guppies

As a beginner pet owner, you may be wondering how to care for goldfish and guppies. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Goldfish and guppies need clean water to stay healthy, so be sure to change their water regularly.

2. These fish also need a place to hide, so add some rocks or plants to their tank.

3. Goldfish and guppies eat small insects, so you’ll need to purchase fish food from your local pet store.

4. You’ll also need to clean the tank regularly with a sponge or gravel vacuum.

5. Lastly, goldfish and guppies are social creatures, so it’s best to keep them in pairs or groups.


It is generally not recommended to put goldfish and guppies together. Goldfish are generally much larger than guppies and can easily outcompete them for food.

Additionally, goldfish produce a lot of waste and this can pollute the water very quickly, which can be harmful to the smaller guppies.

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